Foundation Finance only provides financing through approved dealers or contractors. If you are looking for an approved dealer or contractor in your area, please fill out our inquiry form below and we’ll let you know if we have a match.

Our financing programs are only available through dealers or contractors who have been approved to offer consumer financing to their customers. By working with qualified contractors and dealers, Foundation Finance has helped thousands of consumers nationwide finance home improvement projects, green energy projects, heating and air conditioning systems, water treatment systems, furniture and more.

Your dealer or contractor may choose to offer one (or both) of our financing plans: Revolving Lines of Credit Open line of credit at the dealer or contractor’s business. May not be used at other locations. Can “add-on” additional products or services if you have available credit and the account is in good standing. No pre-payment penalties. Fixed interest rates. Installment Loans Similar to a car loan or a mortgage where you pay in a set number of monthly installments. Fixed terms and monthly payments. No pre-payment penalties. Fixed interest rates.

Promotional programs like “same-as-cash” or deferred payments may be available subject to your dealer/contractor’s participation. Check with your Tropical Frost Rep for details on any available offers.

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